P3G articulates its tools and services around seven main axes:

(1) The P3G-IPAC (International interoperability and data Access Clearinghouse) which provides a "one-stop" screening service for policy interoperability and access authorization;

(2) The TOOLKIT which provides epidemiological, ethical, statistical and IT instruments for the access and use of existing biobanks by the seasoned researcher in a one-stop location and open access environment;

(3) The LIFESPAN, an open access web platform offering users a step by step approach for the development and maintenance of a biobank, and providing a description of the challenges and elements to consider at each stage of development;

(4) The TRAINING module which presents tutorials and information sessions for all members;

(5) The HUB, which provides an online agora for all those interested in biobanking, allowing for discussion, exchange and collaboration on biobanking projects; and

(6) The CATALOGUES, which provide information on large population-based biobanks.