Tuesday, September 16, 2014


P3G ÉCOUTER on Trust and Data Linkage in Biobanking

15 September to 13 October, 2014

The P3G ÉCOUTER is a virtual engagement project on the topic of trust and data linkage in biobanking which is jointly run by the Data to Knowledge (D2K) group at the University of Bristol, UK, and the Public Population Project in Genomics and Society (P³G), Montreal, Canada.

ÉCOUTER stands for Employing COnceptual schema for policy and Translation Engagement in Research.  It uses a mind mapping website (www.mind42.com) to allow stakeholders to interact with the existing evidence (where this exists) on a topic of shared concern, in this instance ELSI perspectives on Trust and Data Linkage in Biobanking.  An ÉCOUTER begins with an initial question posed by the organisers as well as links to a selection of key pieces of any existing evidence base. Participants are then invited to respond and contribute additional ideas and links. The online discussion is analysed by social scientists to generate a conceptual framework of the phenomenon or issue considered. The results can then form the basis of recommendations for research, governance, practice and/or policy.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact the ÉCOUTER team: d2k-ecouter@bristol.ac.uk

Madeleine Murtagh

Professor of Social Studies of Health Science

Director, Data to Knowledge (D2K) Research Group

University of Bristol, UK